Cats in Art - 20th century, Part 2


Gerhard Marcks, a German expressionist, created this woodcut entitled Cats in 1921. It has been said that Marcks created some of the most delightful patterned studies of intelligent and aware animals in the history of the medium.

[1921, Gerhard Marcks, Cats, woodcut]

Marcks, 1921, Cats

Picasso, 1939, Cat and Bird
During the period of the Spanish Civil War, Picasso created surrealistic paintings and etchings which served as propaganda against the Franco government. His painting entitled Cat and Bird symbolizes the cruelty of the laws governing nature.

[1939, Pablo Picasso, Cat and Bird, oil]

American sculptor and printmaker Max Kahn created this expressionistic lithograph entitled Cat Walk. In this work, the artist has created a humorous visual pun --the cat walks on a cat walk... (get it?)

[c. mid-20th century, Max Kahn, Cat Walk, lithograph printed in color]

Kahn, 20th century, Cat Walk

Barnet, 1962, Woman and Cats
This woodcut, entitled Woman and Cats, was created by American printmaker Will Barnet. The elegance of the cats in this work recalls the "good old days" in Egypt when humans thought we were divine.

[1962, Will Barnet, Woman and Cats, woodcut printed in color]

This striking poster by Marty Neumeier for the New York Art Expo of 1983 illustrates the fact that, as in life, the cat in art can demand and hold the center of attention.

[1983, Neumeier, poster published by Gazelle Editions]

Neumeier, 1983, New York Art Expo